Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Over the centuries meltwater carved deep ravines with vertical rock walls in the mountains make Tirol's beautiful landscape ideal for canyoning. The vast plain with stunning shades of  green surrounded by mountains with the sands of Africa in view make for the perfect place to skydive. Two adventures of a lifetime not to be missed!

Tirol a magical pretty hidden land I could never have imagined. When you think of Austria what do you think of? Do you think of Mozart, the Sound of Music, or a Viennesse Waltz at an exquisite ball? Do you stop to think of and take note of the nature around you wherever in the world you are? Tirol is a maze of green and adventure not to be missed and if you like to try new things definitely make a pitstop here. 

Canyoning is the perfect summer adventure. Over the centuries water and nature has created amazing canyons - a playground for people wanting an adventure. Canyoning usually involves a variety of activities including abseiling through waterfalls, jumping into pools, sliding down water chutes, swimming, wading, and apparently sometimes even diving (but I didn't come across that) - oh also and in my experience lots of fun freezing times which are made up for with the obstacles made by nature and overcome thanks to safety gear. 

When you go canyoning you are provided with thick wetsuits, water shoes, and all the safety equipment required and in some special cases even a waterproof camera or GoPro (but that wasn't my case and so I have no photographic evidence of my very special adventure). It definitely is not an experience to be missed even if you only have a half day free. With one day in Tirol canyoning was my chosen morning activity. I can't wait to try out some other canyons around the world. I know I have my eyes set on a pretty rainforest style canyon in Wollongong and an adventurous canyon into the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. 

Can you guess what my chosen afternoon activity was?

Coming soon ♥  

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